The Swedish Palace in Istanbul

The Swedish Palace in Istanbul is Sweden's oldest state property abroad. The grounds in Beyoglu (ancient Pera) were bought in 1757. However, the original building was damaged by fire on several occasions and the present Swedish Palace dates from 1870.

In the 1920s, when Ankara became the capital of  Turkey, the diplomatic missions were moved to that city and the old, often magnificent, embassy buildings in Istanbul were transformed into consulates.

Today the Swedish Palace in Istanbul holds offices on the ground floor, official reception rooms on the first floor and the Consul- General's private residence on the top floor. It is surrounded by a beautiful garden. Connected to the garden there is a small chapel, built in 1858 by the Swedish envoy.

In 1962, the  Swedish Research Institute  in Istanbul was established. Since 1974, it has been located in the old Dragoman Building in the Palace garden. The Research Institute provides guest rooms, a library, work facilities for visiting scholars and a modern auditorium for up to 50 people. It organises and hosts seminars and academic courses and it is a popular meeting place for Turkish and Swedish scholars.