For applicants from Taiwan

If you do not travel to Hong Kong to order your residence permit card, note the following:

The Consulate is prohibited to send you a decision via email.   If you want a copy of the result, you may pick it up in person or send a friend with a signed, original Power of Attorney.
We are open on Monday to Friday, 0900-12.00.  No prior appointment is required.

If you hold a Taiwanese passport and you choose to travel to Sweden under the 90 days visa waiver rule,  upon arrival you should visit the local office of the Swedish Migration Agency with your passport to have your photo and fingerprints taken and a residence permit card issued. 

Very important information for your travel to Sweden:
Some airlines are very strict with regards to documentation before letting passengers onboard. Therefore if you do not have your residence card before departure you may encounter problem with your chosen airline if your return date is later than the allowed visa free stay.  We therefore strongly recommend that you check with your airline and if possible do not transit via another Schengen country.
The Consulate General of Sweden in Hong Kong cannot be held responsible for the decisions of airlines and other Schengen countries border controls.

Another option is, you may visit us in Hong Kong to leave the biometric data to order your residence permit card.  The card will be ready in a few weeks and you can arrange with us to send it by courier to you in Taiwan.