First passport - Child

The following documents are required when applying for children who have not previously had a passport:

If a child has never before had a Swedish passport the parents must first:

  • make a notification of the chosen names (namnanmälan)
  • request a personal identification number

This requires a visit to the Consulate General of the child together with the parents (custodians).

Bring the following original documents:

  • child's birth certificate
  • marriage certificate (if the parents are married)
  • parents passport or identity card
  • Documents from hospital/doctor as proof of delivery 

All documents are send by the Consulate General to the Swedish tax authorities for registration of the names and request of the personal identification number.

The form for registration of name is available at the Consulate General but can also be downloaded from the Tax Agency website:
The form SKV 7750

NOTE! It may take around 8 weeks to receive the personal identification number.

When you have received the personal identification number for the child, you can proceed with the passport application within three months.

Link to  :  Online appointment booking system

  • Children under 18 must come to the Consulate General along with at least one custodian when applying for a passport.
    Book an appointment for a Thursday or Friday 0900-1200.
  • For children and youth under 18, a written consent form must be filled in by all custodians. Custodian's signatures must be witnessed, by an adult, with signature, printed name, address and telephone number. The witness must be someone other than the custodian.
  • If the custodians/parents are present at the time of application, the passport staff may witness the signatures and check valid identification documents.
  • Forms for parental approval is available at the Consulate-General and for download via the link on the right of this page. The consent must be dated and may not be older than one month.
  • If the child has only one legal guardian, evidence of certification or final court decision must be presented.
  • Parents have to prove their identity with a passport or valid photo ID.
  • Decisions about children's names and the coordination number should be included.
  • The fee for passport renewal is paid by VISA/Mastercard or banktransfer/payment. Cash is not accepted. The current fee is HKD 1300.

Note All documents must be original documents.