Passport application

A new passport and national ID card was introduced in 2005. The documents are biometric and meet the requirements of EU Regulation on security and biometrics in passports. This means that travel documents are provided with a computer chip which stores the holder's personal data, photo and fingerprints (fingerprints on identity cards). The validity of the new passport and national ID card is 5 years.

Passport applications by appointment on Wednesdays and Thursdays 09:00 - 1200

Passport pick-up on Mondays and Tuesdays  09:00 - 1200

Link to  :  Online appointment booking system

Electronic processing of the application

Your biometric data will be captured at the time of application at the Consulate /Embassy. The applications are then sent to Sweden where the passports are printed.

Two personal visits
The applicant for a new passport or national identity card must make two personal visits to the passport authority. Once to submit the application and then again to pick up the new passport / ID card.

Different options for Swedes abroad
A Swedish citizen living abroad can apply for a new passport or ID card in different ways:

While visiting Sweden
The quickest and cheapest way is to apply while visiting Sweden. You can contact any passport authority and the fee is SEK 400. Normally, you can get a new passport or ID card within a week. It is recommended that you contact the passport office in Sweden where you intend to apply for a passport before you go there in order to obtain information about the documents required to prove identity and Swedish citizenship. Information about opening hours and more are available at:
Swedish Police - Passport information

The Swedish missions abroad
Applications can also be done at most Swedish missions abroad. The fee is 1400 SEK (HKD1300 in Hong Kong). Delivery of new travel documents takes between two to four weeks, as passports are produced in Sweden.

Honorary consulates
Honorary consulates are no longer passport authorities. This means that they cannot accept applications for regular passports and national ID cards. However, they may have the authority to deliver passport and national ID card.