Consular assistance to Swedish citizens

It is important to be insured if you for example have an accident, become ill or lose your passport. It is also useful to know what assistance Swedish Embassies and Consulates can offer.

Who can receive assistance?

Swedish citizens residing in Sweden as well as refugees and stateless persons residing in Sweden.

In some cases we can also assist other citizens residing in Sweden, and Swedish citizens not residing in Sweden.

What assistance can we offer?

  • Advise on how you can transfer money from Sweden through companies such as Western Union.
  • Help in contacting insurance companies such as SOS International.
  • Contacting relatives and offer support in an emergency situation such as serious illness, accident or death.
  • Advise and assistance in contacting a lawyer, doctor or interpreter.
  • Emergency passports.
  • In exceptional cases and under certain conditions, a temporary loan to travel back to Sweden. The money and a fee of 600 SEK must be paid back within a month.

We cannot assist with paying debts, fines or bails, currency exchange or other bank services or booking tickets and hotels.

For more information, please refer to the Swedish version of this webpage:

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