Swedish affiliated organisations in Zimbabwe

In 2016, Sweden has framework agreements with 19 civil society organizations globally, channeling a total of 1,6 billion SEK via the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA). In 2016 an estimated 38 million SEK was channeled through Swedish NGOs to Zimbabwe


Swedish affiliated organisations in Zimbabwe supported by the Embassy:
We Effect / Swedish Cooperative Centre
Contact person: Mr Göran Forssén,  Country Representative,
Address: 221 Fife Avenue, Harare, Zimbabwe

Swedish affiliated organisations in Zimbabwe supported by Sida HQ:

Afrikagrupperna / Africa Groups of Sweden 
Contact person: Ms Dean van Rooy Regional Head, Syd Afrika dean.van.rooy@afrikagrupperna.se och Ntando Ndlovu (i Bulawayo) ntando.ndlovu@afrikagrupperna.se

IM - Individuell Människohjälp - Swedish Development Partner
Contact person: Ms Maria Kempe, Regional Chef, Malawi
maria.kempe@manniskohjalp.se och  Mr. Momo Masoka, Landchef Zimbabwe momo.masoka@soir.co.zw

Swedish affiliated organisations in Zimbabwe supported by others
Diakonia -  Zimbabwe Programmet
Contact person: Mr Philemon M. Jazi, Landchef
Address: 221 Fife Avenue, Harare, Zimbabwe

Plan Sverige / Plan International
Contact person: Mr Lennart Reinius, Landchef,

Rädda Barnen Sverige / Save the Children International  
Contact person: Sarah Blin

WWF Sverige / WWF International

Contact person: Mr Enos Shumba, Landchef,

Swedish organisations supported by Sida HQ - but without offices in Zimbabwe

Olof Palmes Internationella Center
PMU InterLife
Svenska Kyrkan (The Swedish Church Abroad)
Svenska missionsrådet SMR (Swedish Mission Council) 
Union to Union (LO-TCO)
Forum Syd