Swedish Dev. Cooperation - Thematic Focus

Swedish development cooperation with Zimbabwe aims to contribute to increased respect for human rights, democratic social development and the strengthening of the rule of law, equal health, sustainable living and environmentally sustainable development.

The overall objectives of Swedish aid efforts in Zimbabwe 2017-2021 are:

Human rights, democracy, the rule of law and gender equality

• Improved conditions for democratic governance, reduced corruption, accountability and accountability in public institutions.
• Increased capacity in civil society and independent media to perform their democratic and investigative functions.
• Strengthened conditions for gender equality and respect for human rights, focusing on women and girls.

Equal health

• Improved access to good healthcare, including enhanced sustainability and capacity in the health system, focusing on women and children.
• Increased access to and respect for sexual and reproductive health and rights, especially for young people.

Supply, environment, climate and energy

• Improved opportunities for sustainable livelihood, focusing on sustainable food supply, productive employment with decent working conditions, especially for women and young people.
• Improved access to renewable energy that is socially and environmentally sustainable.
• Improved capacity of actors to contribute to environmental and climate sustainability.