Sexual and Reproductive Health & Rights (ITP 300c)

  • 300c - SRHR 2018

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Do you want to increase your knowledge and understanding of SRHR, its main components - and related tools and concepts? Sign up for the latest ITP course sponsored by Sida.  Deadline 18 April.

The programme aims to initiate an organizational change where the participants will become “agents of change” by using new knowledge and tools acquired through the programme, thus contributing to the long-term objectives described above.

The immediate goals of participants will be to:
- Develop and implement a change project in the field of SRHR within their organization
- Report on the change project’s progress and results
- Develop an action plan for continued work on the project within the organization


The guiding principles of the programme are its four pillars:
1) human rights values,
a context-based approach,
3) participatory learning, and 
4) national and international networking, which form the programme’s educational framework. 

Using a rights-based approach to sexual and reproductive health, it will cover:
- Youth sexual health
- Maternal and neonatal health, including fertility and abortion
- STIs, HIV/AIDS and cervical cancer
- Sexual identity
- Sexual coercion and violence

The programme will also focus on leadership, management, and policy change in SRHR. Participants will strengthen these skills through the use of information and communications technologies. Each participant will be provided with tools to facilitate their learning process, such as access to an online learning platform and a tablet computer for the duration of the programme.