Intellectual Property for Least Dev. Countries (Malawians only)

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The Course "Industrial Property and Technological Capacity Enhancement 2017, is now open for applications.

May 21th – June 9th, 2017 in Stockholm, Sweden
Regional follow-up, December 3rd – 8th, 2017

For Malawians only

Closing date for applications: 17 March

The Program aims to increase the capacity of the participant and her/his organisation to develop intellectual property systems adapted to national policies, to enhances the condi-tions and possibilities for commercialization of national/local products through Intellectual Property and to raise the under-standing and use of Intellectual Property in order to promote economic growth.

The main objectives and rationale of the Programme are the following.
• To increase the familiarity with the three pillars on which an effective Intellectual Property system rests, namely legislation, enforcement and management , both from a national and an international perspective is the basic aim of the Programme, using Sweden as an illustrative example.

• To inform about and discuss a number of special issues of actual importance, such as the economic impact of Intellectual Property law and of the Intellectual Property industries in the national economies and also the impact of piracy of protected works and ways and means to combat this phenomenon.

• To discuss and provide illustration of various aspects of international negotiations in the field of intellectual property.

• To assess the intellectual property situation in respective country and identify areas of improvement based on know-ledge and experiences from the course, as well as discussions among participants, e.g. through the implementation of the country project.

• To create networks among the participants to share expe-rience and knowledge. Participants will also be encouraged to form national networks of stakeholders.