Newspapers in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe's print media is dominated by 3(4) daily newspapers as well as a substantial number of weeklies, including tabloids and vernacular editions.

The ownership of the media establishments is primarily vested in three publishing groups; ZimPapers Ltd. (State owned) as well as the privately owned Alpha Media Holdings (AMH) and Asociated Newspapers of Zimbabwe (ANZ). The list here is not complete and features only the most widely read papers:

The Herald(Zimpapers Harare)
The Chronicle(Zimpapers Bulawayo)

NewsDay (AMH)
Daily News (ANZ)

The Sunday Mail (Zimpapers Harare)
Kwayedza (Zimpapers Harare - Vernacular)
H-Metro(Zimpapers Harare - Tabloid)

The Sunday News (Zimpapers Bulawayo)
Umthunuya (Zimpapers Bulawayo - Vernacular)
B-Metro (Zimpapers Bulawayo - Tabloid)

The Manica Post (Zimpapers Mutare)

The Standard (AMH)
The Zimbabwe Independent (AMH)

The Financial Gazette (FinGaz)