Doing business in Zimbabwe

Are you looking for business opportunities in Zimbabwe? Find below, the most important institutions to guide you.

Zimbabwe Investment Authority (ZIA)

ZIA is Zimbabwe’s prime investment promotion agency and contributes to sustainable national economic development and growth through the promotion and facilitation of value added investment. Further, ZIA offers a service of bringing together Investment Partners from any part of the world who wish to partner with others in investing in Zimbabwe.  It was established by an Act of Parliament in 1993 and tasked with the following functions:

  • Co-ordinate and facilitate non-resident investment proposals for acceptance;
  • Promote and facilitate investment by both domestic and foreign investors;
  • Promote joint ventures between local and foreign investors;
  • Promote decentralisation of investment;
  • Advise government on policies that relate to the private sector.

Business Address:
Investment House
109 Rotten Row,
P O Box 5950, Harare
Tel: +263(0) 4 75 79 31-6, +263 (0) 4 759911-5, +2634780140-5
Fax: +263(0)4 773 843, 759 917

Ministry of Industry and Commerce

The Ministry’s core function is to review and formulate industrial and commercial development policies and strategies.

Head Office
13th floor Mukwati Building
Cnr. 4th Street/Livingstone Av.
Private Bag 7708, Causeway, Harare
Fax: +263-4-253137

ZimTrade remains committed to promoting trade and investment in Zimbabwe. The ZimTrade website provides access to amongst others;

  • ZimTrade Company Database
  • Zimbabwe Trade Statistics Database
  • Networks to Other trade promotion sites
  • Useful business addresses

Business Address:
Mount Pleasant Business Park
Premium Close
P O Box 2738, Harare
Tel: +263 4 36 93 36-41, 0773 584 261
Fax: +263 4 36 92 44

Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA)

Facilitating economic development, trade and travel; revenue generation and collection; to enforce compliance with revenue laws and to enforce regulatory controls with integrity, transparency and fairness.

Business Address:                                              
Intermarket Centre
Cnr Nkwame Nkrumah / First Street
P O Box 4360, Harare
Tel: +263(0) 4 758 891-5, +263 (0) 4 790813/4

Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE)

The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange is a small but active stock exchange in Africa. It has been open to foreign investment since 1993. It has about a dozen members and over 65 listed securities. There are two indices, the Zimbabwe Industrial Index and the Zimbabwe Mining Index.

Business Address:
4th Floor, 101 Union Ave
Tel: +263 (0)4 701 096-7, 701420, 252 779-80
Fax: +263 (0)4 762 348

Zimbabwe Tourism Authority

Zimbabwe Tourism Authority is a corporate body responsible for tourism promotion, planning and development, research and the enforcement of standards and services.

Business Address:
55 Samora Machel Avenue
Tel: +263 (0)4 752 570,774 760, 774 709, 758 748, 780 651, 758 714-12, 0772 48 6953
Fax: +263 (0)4 758 826-28

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ)
The Reserve Bank has, as its primary goal, the maintenance of the internal and external value of the Zimbabwean currency. In this regard, the Bank is responsible for the formulation and implementation of monetary policy, directed at ensuring low and stable inflation levels. A further core function of the Bank is to maintain a stable banking system through its supervisory and lender of last resort functions. Other secondary roles of the Bank include the management of the country's gold and foreign exchange assets. The bank is the sole issuer of currency and acts as banker and advisor to Government.

Visiting Address:
80 Samora Machel Avenue
Box 1283, Harare
Tel. +263 (0)4 703 000, 707 800, 706 450

The Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC)

ZNCC is a membership organization whose primary mission is to represent and facilitate
investment and entrepreneurship in Zimbabwe.

National Office:
25 Harvey Brown Avenue, Milton Park
P.O. Box 1934, Harare
Contact: Mr. K Chikonzo/ Willard Razawo
Tel: +263-429 355 30/1
Mobile: 0774768895

The Chambers of Mines of Zimbabwe
The Chamber represents the mining industry and strives to recreate a vibrant mining industry in Zimbabwe.

Business Address:
20 Mount Pleasant Drive
Tel: +263 (0) 4 334 507, 334 517, 0782 708 397-401

Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI)

The aim of CZI is to develop existing industries and create a good business climate in the country.

Business Address:
31 Josiah Chinamano
Contact: Clifford Sileya
Tel: +263 (0) 4 251 490/6
Fax: +263 (0) 4 252 424

Employers Confederation of Zimbabwe (EMCOZ)
The Employers' Confederation of Zimbabwe promotes and protects the interests of employers in Zimbabwe, by  lobbying government on national policies, practices and standards on labour, employment and related socio-economic issues

Business Address:

21 Smit Crescent, Eastlea
P O Box 158, Harare
Contact: Mr John White Mfukare
Tel: +263 (0) 4 2925 740, 2937587, 077 344 5628,,