Sweden in Zimbabwe

Sweden in Zimbabwe has a long history.

It all started when the first Lutheran missionaries established Mnene hospital in the beginning of the 20th Century. They were the first aid workers and their commitment resulted in schools being built and hospitals being constructed.

Many of today’s decision-makers were educated in these mission schools. During the liberation struggle, fighters for freedom and independence sought and got protection and medical care at Mnene hospital to be able to continue the struggle.

When Zimbabwe gained its independence in 1980, Sweden gave support to important sectors such as education, transport and health.
Swedish development support rested on the core pillars of respect for human rights and democracy. However, when it became clear that these principles were being compromised, bilateral aid was suspended in 2001.

At present, Sweden continues working for a better Zimbabwe in areas of democracy, human rights, culture,media and contributes to efforts to combat HIV/AIDS. Sweden supports the ongoing transition with support to an Education Transition Fund, the Constitutional process and the Parliament.