Residence Permit for Studies

A person who wishes to study at a university or college in Sweden for a period longer than three months must have a residence permit. The permit must be completed and entered into the passport before entry into Sweden. A person who is in Sweden for a period of less than three months does not need a residence permit. However, citizens of certain countries must have a visa. A residence permit for study purposes is subject to a time limit. Even if the period spent in the country has extended over several years you are normally not permitted to become a permanent resident in Sweden

IMPORTANT:  If you have encountered any requests for extra fees outside of those stated on our fee list when applying for residence permit or visa, please inform the Embassy by e-mail: Please help us keep the Embassy free from corruption.

All applicants have to make an appointment with the Embassy before visiting. More information regarding this can be found under the following link: Appointment system for the Embassy

The application should be handed in by the applicant to the Embassy of Sweden in Hanoi or to the Honorary Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City. If you chose to hand in your application at the Consulate in HCMC, and is granted residence in Sweden by the Migration Board, you will be asked to visit the Embassy in Hanoi in order to leave your biometric data before the Embassy can issue you a Residence Card. This will cause a delay in your departure for up to 3 weeks. If applying at the Embassy, the biometric data will be collected in connection with the application procedure.

All decisions are made by the Migration Board in Sweden. Neither the Embassy nor anyone else can influence the decision of the Migration Board.

Please make sure that you have the following documents ready before visiting the Embassy.
All documents must be provided in two copies:

1. Two application forms, properly filled out in either Swedish or English and duly signed by the applicant

2. Passport in original, duly signed by the passport holder, which must be valid for at least 3 months exceeding the application time requested. A copy of the passport is also requested.

3. Two, recently taken, passport sized photos

4. A certificate stating that you have been enrolled for full-time study

5. A certificate stating that you have comprehensive health insurance valid in Sweden if you intend to study for a period of less than one year.

6. You must show that you have your support secured by means of verification of personal bank assets, a scholarship or similar means of support, such as a foreign study grant. You must enclose a bank statement showing that you have your own bank assets available in an account belonging to you. If you have a scholarship you must present a certificate proving this. We do not accept that a sponsor (such as a relative or a company) supports you during your stay in Sweden. The support requirement is at present a minimum of SEK 7,300 per month. If you intend to study for one year or more you must show that you can support yourself for 10 months per year.

If you can prove, for example, that you have free accommodation and/or food, this monthly figure can drop.  

Or (applies to doctoral students) a document showing that you have been awarded a study grant or salary with details of the amount and the period during which you will receive the money.

Before handing in the application to the Embassy the application fee must have been paid in Vietnamese Dong to the Embassy's account at the Standard Chartered Bank or its branches in Vietnam (The fee is non-refundable and can be checked in the Application fees list).