General information and procedures at the Embassy

Applicants who wish to study in Sweden need to apply for a Residence Permit before entering Sweden.

IMPORTANT: Please note that  all applicants have to make an appointment with the Embassy before visiting.

Booking an appointment with the Migration Section:
Monday - Tuesday and Thursday - Friday 08.30 - 09.30   Tel: 0121-922 3595

On May 2011 an EU Regulation enters into force in Sweden which means that a residence permit card will replace the sticker in passports. For more information, please click on the following link: Introduction of residence cards and biometric data. 

All applicants have to pay the application fee (4 820 000 VND) through the Embassy bank account before applying and bring the receipt to the Embassy together with the application. The fee must be paid to the Embassy bank account in Standard Chartered Bank, account number: VND 9029 074 2902, account name: Embassy of Sweden-Fees. Please note that the Fee is non-refundable.

After you submit your application at the Embassy the Embassy will send your application and all the attached documents to the Migration Board for further process. When the application has left the Embassy you have to contact the Migration Board directly for any questions regarding your application. For contact information, please visit their website: Migrationsverket

It is the Migration Board who decides whether or not you will get a residence permit. The Embassy has no influence over the Board’s decision. Once the decision has been taken, it is sent to the Embassy. The applicant will be contacted by the Embassy by phone. If you wish to have your decision in written form it will be provided upon request. Please note that the decisions made by the Migration Board are in Swedish, with a short explanation in English, and that it is up to you to have it translated into Vietnamese if needed.

If your application is rejected, you may appeal the decision within three weeks of the date you received the decision. You must send the appeal to the Migration Board by post and not through the Embassy in Hanoi. If you have given someone in Sweden a power of attorney to represent you, he or she may write your appeal and send it to the Migration Board.

If you have general questions regarding residence permits for studies, please contact the Embassy during our visa phone hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 15.00 -16.00. If you have any questions regarding an ongoing application you should contact the Migration Board in Sweden directly.