English Test

Participants are required to have knowledge of English as it is the common language for all the training programmes.

The language exam includes:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening & Speaking


The reading exam is 30 minutes and consists of two reading passages that have been selected from local English language papers. Because these passages are selected from writings for the general public, they are not technical. Questions are either multiple choice or short answer.


The writing exam is 30 minutes. Candidates are asked to address a question in essay form. Essays are graded on organization, clarity, sentence structure, grammar and ability to express an idea in writing. They are not based on the content of the essay.

Speaking and Listening Interviews

The candidates’ aural and oral abilities are assessed from an individual interview. Candidates may be asked questions about their jobs, interests and ideas. Their language abilities are then rated on a scale of 0-8, with 0 equal to no English and 8 equal to native speaker. The AITCV suggests that candidates achieve a score of 6 to successfully participate in the Swedish courses. The interview last 10 - 15 minutes.


AITCV  will contact the applicants to inform them of the time and venue for the English test as well as their results.