Early Support to the Health Sector

  • Sweden's Early Support to the Health Sector

    Sweden's Early Support to the Health Sector Photo: Vietnam News Agency

“Sweden’s support was very timely at a time of critical need. It provided strong foundation not just for one paediatric hospital which leads the country today, but also for the entire health sector”. (Madam Nguyen Thu Nhan, Former Director- General of Paediatric Hospital, President of the Vietnam’s Paediatric Association).  

Sweden’s first support to Vietnam in the 1960’s was medical supplies and equipment through NGO's like the Red Cross followed by the building of the national Children’s Hospital in Hanoi and the General Hospital in UongBi, Quang Ninh.

There is little doubt that the support provided to the construction of the two hospitals has been a successful and lasting demonstration of Sweden’s solidarity with Vietnam. Today the Children’s Hospital in Hanoi is the leading paediatric hospital in the country, while UongBi Hospital is widely regarded as one of the best general hospitals in Vietnam.

40 Years of Health Cooperation between Sweden and Vietnam marks the Swedish health support in addressing the rights to health in Vietnam. There has also been an extensive exchange at both academic and practical training levels between doctors, nurses, researchers and medical students between the two countries.