Media Cooperation

  • Two decades of media Cooperation – pushing the Boundaries

    Two decades of media Cooperation – pushing the Boundaries Photo: .

Sweden was the first and biggest donor to work in the media sector, dating back to the early 1990’s. The overall goal of Sweden’s support to the media sector is to promote democracy and respect for human rights and freedom of expression through the development of a more professional, open, independent and self-reliant media. Over the last two decades, a total of almost 100 million SEK (15, 5 million USD) have been set aside for this cooperation.

The focus of the program has been on training of reporters, editors and media managers by running short courses and providing in-house training. The project also pays due attention to the policy dialogue, discussions on the code of ethics and the role of media in a democratic society. 

The Swedish program has had significant impact on all domestic stakeholder groups. Industry professionals have gained skills that can be used over the long term, media houses have been provided with techniques that will allow them to grow within a changing global economy. Vietnamese policy makers have been exposed to new ideas and models of media management that will influence the decisions they make. Audiences now have greater access to the media, which in turn has become a stronger facilitator of the dialogue between the government and the general public.
Over the years, almost 10,000 journalists which accounts for more than half of the journalists in Vietnam, have gone through different kinds of training under the program. A media Training Centre has been established and a pool of Vietnamese trainers have been trained and equipped with modern teaching methods and are ready to run training courses in the long run.