Development Co-operation with Vietnam 1967 - 2013

Sweden has now phased out its bilateral development cooperation with Vietnam. We have been strong partners since as early as 1967 when Sweden was the first western country to offer its support to Vietnam in its efforts to handle the disastrous consequences of the war. Since then Sweden, through Sida, has contributed with approximately 3 billion USD to the development of Vietnam - a country that today has reached a middle-income status.

In 1967 Sweden took a decision to provide humanitarian support to Vietnam. That became the starting point for a long and successful cooperation in development between Sweden and Vietnam. Sweden has over the years provided more than 3 billion USD in support and thus became the second largest ODA donor to Vietnam in the 70's, the largest in the 80's and the fourth largest in the 90's.

In 2012, Sida commissioned an evaluation carried out by Mark McGillivray, David Carpenter and Stewart Norup (Evaluation Study of Long-Term Development Cooperation between Vietnam and Sweden, Sida 2012:2), which provided important insights into Swedish support and its implementation.

It concluded that Swedish development cooperation has improved the health and education and overall development levels of millions of Vietnamese citizens -  a major achievement. The evaluation also provides lessons learned that should inspire other partners in development. As Sweden has now phased out its bilateral development cooperation, it is time to show some of these achievements. The following sections, to a large extent based on the evaluation, provides some highlights of all the work that has been carried out.

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