The Cikada Prize was established in 2004 and has earlier been awarded to nine East Asian poets. Mai Van Phan (born 1955) is the tenth recipient of the prize.

The Cikada Prize is given to an East Asian poet, who "in his/her poems shows poetic sensitivity for the inviolability of life ".

The Prize was founded in 2004 in connection with  the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Swedish Nobel Prize laureate in literature 1974, Harry Martinson. It consists of SEK 20,000 and a ceramic art piece made by the Swedish artist Gunilla Sundström.

Mai Van Phan was born 1955 in Ninh Binh in Vietnam. He has received many literary awards in his own country and his poetry has been published in a number of volumes in English and French. He is also represented in international anthologies, for instance the Swedish Till: igår – tolv vietnamesiska poeter (Tranan, 2009), translated by Erik Bergqvist. Later this year the publishing house Tranan will publish a special collection of his poetry in Swedish, translated by Erik Bergqvist and Maja Thrane.

The prize will be given to Mr Mai Van Phan in a ceremony in Hanoi in November 2017.

The jury of the Cikada Prize consists of (in alphabetical order) Mr. Göran Bäckstrand (former deputy Secretary General of the Swedish Red Cross and vice chairman of the Harry Martinson Society), Mr. Kaj Falkman (ambassador, poet and writer, chairman of the Swedish-Japanese Society), Ms. Pia Forsgren (theatre manager, director), Mr. Lars Granström (poet, librarian), Mr. Styrbjörn Gustafsson (book publisher, Tranan book publishers), professor Göran Malmqvist (professor emeritus, writer, translator) and Dr. Lars Vargö (chairman of the jury, ambassador, writer and also chairman of the Swedish Haiku Society).