Trade with Vietnam

The Swedish Embassy in Hanoi and the Swedish Trade Council in Vietnam are offering free general information to Swedish and Vietnamese companies that will establish - or grow - on the Vietnamese market. We also provide individual service on a fee basis to help Your company succeed in Vietnam.

These services include:

Market/agent checks

Market check, market studies - investigation about market conditions, price levels and investment opportunities,
  • Agent/distributor search - search for appropriate agents, distributors and suppliers
  • Legal services

    Joint Venture preparations - help in setting up agreements between two or more firms and to carry out a business strategy and plan of action,
  • Credit reports, checking financial status - help with records of company’s past borrowing and repaying, financial status and other financial issues,
  • Assistance in connection with tender documents - help in submitting and handling tenders
  • Visit services

    Supporting incoming delegations,
  • Visiting programs - both accompanied and unaccompanied,
  • Assistance to visiting importers/purchasers,
  • Preparing exhibitions and workshops
    ADB/WB-related services (in cooperation with the Swedish Embassy in Manila),
  • Project status checks - assistance in analyzing and evaluating current business projects in terms of profit making, future objectives and related performance measures,
  • Early sector information - information about market specific products or services,
  • Formalities - documentation etc.,
  • Partner search - assistance in the search for and investigation about appropriate co-workers
  • General services

    • Negotiating assistance - assisting in negotiating situations in order to protect the interests of the company and avoid unnecessary financial risks,
    • Support office facilities - for companies lacking own representation,
    • Mentorship - help in coming in contact with well-established Swedish companies that can work as mentors and who can provide knowledge and advice about the Vietnamese market and business climate.