Starting a Business in Vietnam

The report highlights necessary information and some recommendations for any Swedish company who wants to do business in Vietnam.

The Embassy of Sweden has recently conducted interviews with around 20 Sweden related companies, the European Chamber of Commerce, the Nordic Chamber of Commerce, the Delegation of the European Commission to Vietnam and other experts on Vietnam. The question was: What is important to know about doing business in Vietnam for new Swedish companies?
The report Starting a business in Vietnam covers different issues, such as export/import, selling in the Vietnamese market, paying taxes and corruption.

Answers to the questions like:
- Where should I seek advice before getting start?
- Which problems should I know to avoid?
- Which are the prospects ahead?
and more are found in the report.

A selection of links and actors at the end of the report gives advice on many others sources of information. Our hope is that the report constitutes a collection of solid advice for newcomers to Vietnam!
The Embassy welcomes further contributions to this material. For further information, contact the Political and Trade Section of the Embassy of Sweden.