Frequently asked questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions regarding Schengen visa applications. For questions regarding residence permits please visit "Study in Sweden" or "Work & Live in Sweden" from the menu to the left.


Question: I want to apply for a visa, where can I submit my application?
We would like to suggest that you go to the visa service center; VFS Global, that is used for handing in applications. No prior appointment is needed for applying as long as you abide by their opening hours. We also like to inform you that the visa application process may take up to 15 days or occasionally even longer to process.

It is therefore important to submit the application well ahead of the planned travel date.

The address to VFS is:
VFS Bangladesh Private Limited
Delta Life Tower
4th Floor, Gulshan North
Dhaka 1212

Opening hours for submission of application:
9:00-14:00 Sunday to Thursday except holidays

Web page:

 If you want to submit your application directly to the embassy, you have to make an appointment with the Embassy and you need to contact us through the embassy e-mail which is Then you will get the instruction and the appointment date from the embassy to submit your application directly.

Question: How can I submit my visa application at the Embassy?
We would like to suggest that you go to the visa service center; VFS Global, that is used for handing in applications. No prior appointment is needed for applying as long as you abide by their opening hours.

If you want to make an appointment with the Embassy you need to contact us by phone at +880 2 55 66 8525 (Sunday-Thursday 3pm-4p) or at e-mail at However, we strongly recommend that you submit your application with VFS to make sure the application is handled as fast as possible. 

Question: What documents do I need to submit with my visa application?
You find the necessary documents here.

 Question: Is the decision taken from the Embassy or from Sweden?
The decision is taken from the Embassy as a main rule, however, in difficult especially cases regarding Sweden as the main destination, it may be sent to Sweden for a decision.

Can I speed up the process of my application?
The Embassy will try to do its best facilitate a smooth handling process of the applications. We still would like to remind you that although the Embassy tries to do its best to process the applications we cannot guarantee that the applications will be handled in time since there is a mandatory consultation process that all applicants have to go through. The speed of the consultation process can´t be affected by the Embassy and may take up to seven days to finalize. During this period the application is normally blocked from further action to be taken.

Another prerequisite for us to make possible to take a positive decision is that all documents and conditions (including verification of the person´s socioeconomic status in Bangladesh) needed for an approval are in place in the application. I hope that you understand the limited circumstances involved when handling these applications within these strict limitations.


Question: Can I go to more than one country with my Schengen visa?
Yes, a Schengen visa is valid in the entire Schengen area.


Question: Can I go to more countries than the one stated in my application with a Schengen visa?
Yes, you can visit all Schengen countries with your Schengen visa, however, your application should be processed by the representative of the state that’s your main destination. The visa is, of course, limited to the amount of days stated in the visa.

Question: How much money do I need in my bank account to get a visa? As a tourist? As a business visitor?

You need to show that you have enough money to provide for yourself while abroad. Sweden generally requires 450 SEK per day. If you stay with friends or family that will make the required amount less. The general rule applies to all visitors.

Question: How can I apply for a Schengen visa for Denmark or Norway?
As of 1st of September 2015 Sweden handles neither Danish nor Norwegian visa or residence permit cases. For more information on how to proceed if you’d like to visit these countries please contact the Danish Embassy in Dhaka. Contact details to their consular section is: or: +880 (2) 5566 8900, please also read more information on


Question: Can I go to Sweden without an invitation?
Depending on the reason for your visit, different documents are required. If you are going to visit a friend or family member you need to fill out the invitation form. For business visits you need to show an invitation letter. If you are visiting a Schengen country as a tourist you do not need to have an invitation letter but other documents are required. Please read more here about which documents are required .


Question: I’m going to a Schengen country on a business visit, do I need to submit Appendix A?

For the Schengen visa you don't need to submit Appendix A with your application.

Question: Except the local insurance companies, are there other European insurance companies that I can use?
Some European insurances are accepted if it’s explicitly mentioned that they are valid in all Schengen states. However please submit the information about the insurance company in question to get it evaluated at the Embassy.

Question: Do I/person x need to apply for a visa in person?
All persons who wish to travel to the Schengen area are requested to file their own applications and submit them in person. Exceptions only apply for holders of a diplomatic passport and with a note verbal. All persons also need to fulfill the requirements of getting a visa; see more information on our webpage:

We would recommend that you use VFS Global for submitting your applications since you do not need an appointment for that. Please be informed that we always recommend that the applications are submitted in advance since it may take up to 15 days for us to process the applications. We therefore recommend that you apply as early as possible.

Question: What should I mention in an invitation/accompanying letter for a colleague/business partner?
When you compose an invitation or accompanying letter for your colleague you should mention the name, date of birth, passport number and position in you organization and how long he or she has work for you. Secondly you would need to explain the purpose and length of the visit. Who will cover the cost of the travel and lodging and whether end when person is expected to return to Bangladesh to resume his or her office. Other information that justifies the travel is also good to mention. The applicant him or herself should provide the rest of the necessary documents required.

Question: Can I collect my passport before receiving a decision?

If you want to collect your passport after you have submitted an application but before the decision has been made you need to make an appointment with the Embassy. You can contact the Embassy via e-mail at or by phone at +8802 55668525 or +880 2 01777 763880 (Sundays to Thursdays 3pm - 4pm) to schedule an appointment. The Embassy will not be able to process your application without the passport.

Question: How long until I get my decision?
Apply as far in advance as possible, especially during the peak season. Usually, you get a decision within 15 days, but in some special cases it may take up to a month or longer. When we’ve reached a decision you will get a phone call or a SMS saying that your decision and passport are ready to be collected at VFS.

Question: How do I know when the decision on my application has been taken?
When we’ve reached a decision you will get a phone call or a SMS saying that your
decision and passport are ready to be collected at VFS.

Question: How do I appeal my visa application decision?
You do not need any appointment for dropping the appeal; it is simply done by an e-mail to this e-mail address, by sending it to us by mail or sending us a letter through the regular mail. We request you to submit all the documents in A4-size.

You need to appeal within three weeks from the date that you received you decision. In your appeal you should mention why you would like the decision that you got to be changed and you should also attach the documents that would support the facts that would convince the Embassy or the Migration Court in Sweden to change the decision.


Postal address

Embassy of Sweden
Bay’s Edgewater, 6th Floor,
Plot No. 12, North Avenue,
Gulshan 2, Dhaka-1212
GPO Box No. 304


Question: How do I get in contact with the Migration court?
The Migration Court in Sweden will contact the applicants when they have taken a decision on your visa application appeal. The time frame is hard to predict for the Embassy, sometimes these appeals take several months but in most cases it only takes some weeks. The Embassy will not handle the decision and thereby any questions you may have are to be brought up with the Migration Court.

You may contact through these contact details:  By mail: Förvaltningsrätten I Göteborg, Sten Sturegatan 14, 411 39 Göteborg, Sweden, by telephone +46-(0)31-732 70 00 or by e-mail:

Please mention to them the case number which you find in the right upper corner of the decision for referral to the right case