Promoting Social Dialogue and Harmonious Industrial Relations in Bangladesh Ready-Made Garment Industry

The purpose of this project is to promote social dialogue and harmonious industrial relations in the ready-made garment industry. The project is aligned with the Swedish results strategy for Bangladesh and the Swedish Prime Minister’s global initiative for increased social dialogue, the Global Deal. In addition the project is in line with the SDG 8, ‘sustainable economic growth, full & productive employment with decent work for all’. The results strategy states that Sweden should work to improve social dialogue at the labor market to improve working conditions and awareness for human rights, the right to unionize, and CSR. Another part of the strategy is to strengthen the civil society and empowering women in the society and increase women’s participation in the labor market as well as work for decreased violence against women.  

The project runs between November 2015 to December 2020 and Sweden supports 70 % of the project with a 45 MSEK. This project is the current largest project in the Swedish development portfolio related to Private Sector Development. The Project is implemented by ILO in close collaboration with the Government of Bangladesh, employers and trade unions and falls under ILO’s larger programme Decent Work in Bangladesh. H&M and IF Metall are two of the implementing partners in the project that will contribute with existing knowledge and methods, access to market, dialogue and human capital. H&M is a strategic partner in Bangladesh as it is the market leading company in the Ready-Made Garment industry. H&M does already today work with ILO to promote social dialogue between the actors at the labor market and trains middle-managers in worker’s rights.