Human Rights


Sweden’s support to the Human Rights sector is carried out by some of the leading NGOs in the field in Bangladesh. Steps Towards Development, Bangladesh National Women Lawyers Association (BNWLA), and Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK) are the organisations through which Sweden supports the issues of promoting gender equality; prevention of violence against women; ensuring access to justice; prevention of trafficking of women and children, and advocacy for reforms in various laws relating to the rights of women and children among others. These organisations have been Sweden’s development partners for the past fifteen years. In 2011 the agreements with the above mentioned NGOs amounted to around 25 MSEK.

II.  National Human Rights Commission

Sweden supports the National Human Rights Commission’s Capacity Development Project through UNDP with 6,3 MSEK. The implementation of this project was delayed, since the recruitment rules were not approved by the Government until late 2011. Still, the project reported a delivery rate of 81% of planned activities 2011, focusing on institutional development; monitoring and investigation; human rights and awareness raising; policy and research. A closer collaboration with civil society and increased interest from mass media related to human rights violations have led to increased consciousness among