Climate change

The Swedish Government initiated a special Climate Change Initiative for the years 2009-2012, with significant additional funding to a large number of countries and multilaterals. For Bangladesh, a total of 180 MSEK (about 25 MUSD) were allocated. As part of the initiative, Sweden has in an agreement with UNDP committed 50 MSEK  for support to the Comprehensive Disaster Management Programme Phase 2 2010-2014 (CDMP 2) . The programme is a continuation from CDMP1 2004-2009 and aims to reduce peoples vulnerability towards natural disasters including effects of a changed climate. Sweden has also contributed to the Bangladesh Climate Change Resilience Fund. with 130 MSEK through the World Bank. The main objective for the Fund is to support implementation of the Bangladesh Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan. Generally speaking, the support in this area has led to a positive development at policy level. As an example a Disaster Management Act was approved 2012.