Democratic Governance

I. Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB)

TIB is essentially an advocacy institution, with all its activities aimed at contributing to the creation of conditions in which corruption can be reduced; accountability, transparency and good governance can be established and thereby poverty can be reduced.

TIB’s social movement against corruption is currently spearheaded by the Driving Change project. The main objective of the project is to contribute, through the Committees of Concerned Citizens (CCCs) to the creation of a conducive environment in which participation in anti-corruption activities is substantially widened and strengthened. It is also aimed at expanding and sustaining the demand for accountability, transparency and efficient governance with particular relevance to the health and education sectors. Interestingly enough, perception of corruption has decreased in these two sectors, targeted by TIB´s civic engagement programme.

Sweden is supporting the Driving Change project with 25 MSEK during the period 2009–2013.

II. Bangladesh Reality Check

A longitudinal five year study on how poor people perceive the health and education services started in 2007. The five annual reports, and one final reflection report have been produced and the findings have been presented to the Sector Programme donor consortiums in Health and Primary Education as well as internationally. The aim has been to make the poor people’s voices heard, to detect up-coming trends, and to influence policymakers in the social sectors.The experience will be evaluated during 2013.