Visiting relatives and friends – extra documents

If you apply for a visa to visit relatives and friends, you need the documents listed below.

When you are applying at the Embassy of Sweden in Dar es Salaam you need to submit the application form in original and it has to be signed by you.

The forms must be completed either in Swedish or in English. Documents issued by the authorities in your country of origin are to be submitted together with a translation to Swedish or English by an authorised translator.

Remaining documents can be scanned, faxed or copies. However, when presenting yourself to the Embassy, you must be able to show all national/local documents from your country of origin in original. You must be able to present any of the documents originating from Sweden/Iceland/Poland in original when asked to do so by the Embassy.

You must have:

  • The documents required by all visa applicants. Read more under ‘Required documents’.
  • Family details (form no. 239011) completed and signed.
  • One copy of original passport data page and of all visas (also previous passport if a new passport has been issued within the last year).
  • For non-Tanzanian citizens a copy of your work permit and/or residence permit in Tanzania. Originals to be shown upon presentation at the Embassy.
  • Enough money to support yourself during your stay. In general, Sweden requires you to have SEK 450 per day/person. The required amount may be less if for instance you have paid for board and lodging in advance or live with friends or relatives. The Embassy requires proof that you can support yourself, e.g. in the form of a statement of account from your bank or a wage specification for the past three months. If the person who is inviting you to Sweden will be paying for your support, you must show in the same way that he/she has enough money to do so.  Originals to be shown upon presentation at the Embassy.
  • If employed, original and signed letter from your current employer on official company paper with contact information, stating your occupation in Tanzania, the continuing employment after granted period of leave and duration of stay in Sweden/Iceland/Poland (giving both arrival and departure dates)
  • If student, copies of your student card or official document confirming student status from your educational institution. Originals to be shown upon presentation at the Embassy.
  • If self-employed business owner, copies of your certificate of business registration and tax statement from TRA. Originals to be shown upon presentation at the Embassy.
  • If retired, copies of your pension statements over the last three months.
  • If unemployed, copies of any other proof of regular income or proof of property ownership. Originals to be shown upon presentation at the Embassy.
  • A copy of your air ticket booking (we advise you not to pay for any air tickets before your visa has been granted). When applying for visa for multiple entries - only a booking for the first visit is required.
  • Copy of birth and marriage certificate where applicable - to show kinship with the referent. Originals to be shown upon presentation at the Embassy. 

Documents concerning the relative or friend in Sweden/Iceland/Poland

You must also attach documents concerning the relative or friend you plan to visit in Sweden.

You must have:

  • Form no. 241011: Invitation – If you wish to invite a relative or friend to visit you. You must submit the original form and it must be completed and signed by the relative or friend in Sweden/Iceland/Poland wishing to invite you. If this form is not filled out properly but with blank spaces, you will in addition be asked to hand in a personal invitation letter from the relative/friend stating the purpose of the trip, the relationship to the applicant, the dates and whoever is responsible for the costs involved.
  • Civic registration/family certificate (personbevis) for the relative/friend in Sweden, not older than three months. Such a document for the purpose of an invitation may be ordered from the Swedish Tax Agency. Equivalent documentation providing proof of legal status in Iceland or Poland is equally required.