What Services can the Embassy provide?

The Embassy can provide certain services for Swedes abroad in the case of Emergency as well as services related to official Swedish documents that you may need. The services are regulated in Swedish Consular Regulatory Framework and are based on the principle of help-to-self-help.

Before you travel you are therefore adviced to:

  • Read up on your travel destination so you know whether the MFA advises against travel and be familiar with the laws and customs that are relevant for you.Travel information and advice is available on the MFA website and on the Sweden Abroad website.
  • Download the MFA 'UD Resklar' app.
  • Make sure you have insurance that covers the durationof the trip and your planned activities.
  • Make sure you have a valid passport and visa when this is necessary. Check with the country's embassy as towhat applies well in advance of your departure.
  • Make sure you have enough money for the durationof the trip, including for a return ticket and unforeseen events.
  • Notify close relatives of your travel plans and how youcan be reached.
  • Report your contact information to the 'Swedish list' sothat we can contact you if needed.

Services for Swedes Abroad

Consular Services in case of Emergency

Provide travel information and advice by country.

• Provide advice on how to resolve your situation if you are involved in an emergency situation abroad.

• Provide advice on how you can transfer money fromyour own bank accounts.

• Contact close relatives, insurance companies, medicaldoctors, banks and public authorities in Sweden.

• Help and guide you in contacts with local authorities inthe country.

• Provide an economic loan for returning home toSweden in an emergency situation when all other options have been exhausted.

• Provide information, advice and support in a major crisis situation.

• If you are arrested by police and are imprisoned, wecan make sure that you are provided with a public counsel and request to visit you in prison. If you want, we can contact your close relatives.

• In the event of a death abroad, we keep in touch withclose relatives and help them with practical aspects.

Emergency Travel Documents

  • The Embassy can issue Temporary Swedish Travel Documents
  • The Embassy can issue EU Emergency Travel Documents

Please note that the Embassy in Chisinau does not process applications for regular passports or visas.  

Driver's License

An application form for a renewal of a Swedish driver's license can be obtained from the Embassy in Chisinau and when your new driver's license has been issued, you may pick it up at the Embassy. The pick-up fee can be found in the Service Fees list.

For lost or damaged driver's license, please contact the Swedish Transport Agency.

Documents and legalisations

  • The Embassy can provide certain functions of a Notarius Publicus, including legalisation of some documents.

Here is what we cannot do

• We do not have any banking, interpreter or translationservice.

• We do not provide general tourist information orarrange housing or accommodations abroad.

• We do not pay debts, guarantees, fines or lawyer costs.

• We do not pay for transport home of a coffi n/urn in theevent of a death abroad.

• We cannot influence entry and exit provisions of other countries if you are denied entry or exit.

• We cannot interfere in the legal proceedings of othercountries.

• If you are arrested by police or are imprisoned abroad,the law of that country always applies. We cannot arrange for special treatment for you on account of your being Swedish.