Service Fees

Fees that apply to services for Swedes at the Swedish Embassy in Chisinau are based on the law SFS 1997:691. Fees are listed in Swedish Crowns (SEK) but can be paid in local currency in accordance with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs' monthly list of currency exchange rates.

Fees can only be paid in cash.

Please note that the Swedish Embassy in Chisinau does not process visa applications or applications for regular passports; these have to be submitted to another Swedish Embassy in the region that provides this service or applied for in Sweden.

Please note that the Embassy does not provide translation services.

List of Service Fees

Passports, drivers licenses, etc;

Emergency Passports 1 600 kr

EU Emergency Travel Document 500 kr

Collection of Swedish Passport applied for at another swedish Embassy or in Sweden 150 SEK

Application and collection of Driver's License 400 SEK
If driver's license were issued and paid for in Sweden 150 SEK

Certificates and legalizations:

Validation of Certificate of Life no cost

Validation of Certificates and certain other official documents 120 SEK