Tekwill ICT Excellence Center opened its doors to ICT innovation and excellence

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    Tekwill Opening Photo: Moldovan Association of ICT Companies

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    Tekwill Opening Photo: Moldovan Association of ICT Companies

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    Tekwill Opening Photo: Moldovan Association of ICT Companies

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    Tekwill Opening Photo: Moldovan Association of ICT Companies

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    Tekwill Opening Photo: Moldovan Association of ICT Companies

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    Tekwill Opening Photo: Moldovan Association of ICT Companies

On March 15, 2017 the Tekwill ICT Excellence Center was officially launched in Chisinau – an educational and learning platform, and an entrepreneurial hub designed to enhance the role and the potential of the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) industry in Moldova.

Built with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Government of Sweden through Sida/Swedish International Development Agency, Tekwill aims to improve ICT sector competitiveness through adjusted educational initiatives to the industry requirements, through offering support to IT entrepreneurship, and through the creation of innovative products and services. The Center was created in the framework of the project “Development of Moldova ICT Excellence Center” implemented by Moldovan Association of ICT Companies (ATIC). The space for Tekwill with a surface of 3 400 m² was provided by the Technical University of Moldova as part of the Government’s commitment to the project.

Through its activity, Tekwill will essentially contribute to solve the acute shortage of professionals that the ICT sector is currently facing, but also the lack of an ecosystem encouraging IT businesses development. Nowadays about 22,000 people are employed in the ICT area, much less than the sector needs. Therefore, Tekwill will come with training programs, corresponding to international standards; it will offer support to entrepreneurial activities and access to the global market of IT products and services. The available educational programs will cover a large number of subjects, from basic technologies to the most advanced, focusing on practical projects.

On the other hand, Tekwill will play a quintessential role in the development of IT entrepreneurship, attracting and supporting acceleration and mentorship programs, facilitating an efficient transfer of know-how, but also offering co-working spaces, events for entrepreneurs and community members, and possibilities to connect to a network of local and international investors. In the near future, the Center is also planning to launch and consolidate research and innovation within the ICT field.

Tekwill includes a complex ecosystem, endowed with the resources, the technologies and the content that will allow meeting here and now, in an efficient manner the needs of all types of beneficiaries. IT professionals, students, ICT companies, people in academia – will all ind here the initiative matching one’s own needs and expectations. Over 1,000 peopleare expected to benefit annually from the launched activities and initiatives.

The Official Opening of Tekwill took place on Wednesday, March 15. The Opening Ceremony was attended by representatives from the Government of the Republic of Moldova, development partner representatives, academia professionals, and of beneficiaries of the Center. After 09:00 AM Tekwill opened the doors to every interested person to learn about the center’s offers and opportunities that will soon be available.

Various workshops and activities were made available to visitors, as well as guided tours of the Center.