Moldovan civil society achieves results in the areas of domestic violence, promoting human rights and freedom of speech

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    Credits: Helena Wahlman/ Photo: Credits: Helena Wahlman/

We are so proud of the amazing results achieved by our CSOs core-support partners during 2017 in combating domestic violence, promoting human rights and freedom of speech through a pluralistic media! Now HIV positive women are able to give birth at any hospital, persons with mental disabilities have achieved equal recognition before the law, 465 victims of domestic violence have received legal assistance and much more.

In 2017, together with the Institute of Human Rights from Moldova (IDOM), Centre Resonance (Transnistria), Independent Centre of Journalist and Women's Law Centre we managed important results in combating domestic violence, in promoting human rights and independent media. We are happy to share "2017 key achievements" we are very proud of:

For the first time in Moldova, due to IDOM's work, it is possible for pregnant women living with HIV to give birth to their babies at any maternity from the country, following general rules without discrimination. Through strategic litigation IDOM managed to change courts' practice related to equal recognition before the law of persons declared incapable and they right to enjoy legal capacity equal to others in all life's aspects.

Women's Law Centre provided legal assistance to 465 victims of DV; 72 victims were provided with full legal aid and in 109 cases Protection Orders were issued. 146 persons have been provided psychological counselling and 100 received psychological evaluation reports used in courts as additional evidence. WLC supported 9 through the economic empowerment program (payment of law and design education, procurement of equipment, and developing handmade skills). More than 170 police officers (26 from Gagauzia), 16 social assistances, and for the first time in Moldova – 58 forensic doctors, were trained to respond efficiently to DV cases all over the country.

In the Transnistrian region, Center Resonance have launched women's economic empowerment program. As a result 7 business ideas started and 38 vulnerable women are employed. Transnistrian Women's Platform Strategic Plan 2017-2020 was approved to engage local member NGOs in a coordinated way to promote life without domestic violence in the Transnistrian region and formal cooperation with de facto police started to ensure better protection for DV victims.

Independent Journalism Centre launched in premiere a campaign called "Media for gender balance" to spread positive models of activities involving equal participation of women and men and to combat gender stereotypes through the media. A series of TV shows dedicated to various gender issues are broadcasted within the campaign, displaying a specific approach to the involvement of women and men in specific activities. In 2017 a summer camp for high school pupils "Filter Information" was organised by IJC were 31 students and 9 teachers were trained in what media and media literacy is; what we know about news, vlogging, blogging and social media; fake news and desinformation. At the end of the activity, participating teams received small grants from IJC to implement own media projects in schools. With IJC support optional course of "Media Education" has been introduced in 22 educational institutions of the country in 2017.