Antigua & Barbuda

  • Elisabeth Eklund

    H.E. Ms Elisabeth Eklund Photo: MFA

H.E. Ms Elisabeth Eklund, Ambassador of Sweden to Antigua & Barbuda, is based in Stockholm. The Ambassador travels regularly to the Caribbean region.

The Swedish Consulate in Antigua & Barbuda is located in St. John's.
Contact information to the Swedish Consulate

Sweden has no Schengen representative in Antigua & Barbuda. Travellers to Sweden who need a visa should contact the nearest Swedish Embassy.
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Citizens of Antigua & Barbuda do not require a visa to visit Sweden. However, residents of Antigua & Barbuda who hold other nationalities might need a visa to visit Sweden or any other Schengen country.

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Passport applicants are advised to renew their passport on their next visit to Sweden, or to contact the closest Swedish embassy
The Embassy of Sweden in Washington