Swedish artist Linda Persson undertaking a residency in WA and exhibition in TAS

Linda Persson will be in Australia from August to November 2016

Linda Persson is a Swedish artist and filmmaker. Her work focuses on questions which are historically repressed, about to disappear or already extinct; such as certain languages or technologies. She explores the complexities of our surroundings through a number of different materials and methods; sculpture, textiles, HD technology and sound.

Linda has held several residencies abroad and has worked with Sami Culture and landscape in Sweden among other Projects.

Linda has been invited by IAS, International Art Space, to undertake a residency in Western Australia during 2016-2018. 

International Art Space is a leading West Australian arts organisation, presenting a program of ambitious and dynamic socially engaged and context-responsive art, creating diverse and challenging experiences for artists and communities through contemporary visual art. 

Until 11 November 2016 Linda will be in Leonora, Goldfields, to research and promote cultural dialogues with the Walkatjurra Community and arts centre, holding talks and workshops, preparing for an exhibition in June 2018 at the Western Australian Museum. The project is supported by IAS, Walkatjurra Cultural Centre and the Shire of Leonora.

Other Swedish artists on exchange are Tor Lindstrand and Gustaf Hellberg.

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On 17 November, Linda will hold a artist talk and performance in Hobart at CAT; Contemporary Arts Tasmania;