Business Climate Survey 2015

Business Climate Survey 2015 - Swedish-related companies in Australia

Australia is one of Sweden’s largest trading partners outside the European Union. Approximately 100 Swedish-related companies are present in Australia, in many cases covering the Pacific Region.

Sweden has a long term business presence in Australia. The Swedish Australian Chamber of Commerce was founded as early as in 1911 and is still a very important institution. Both our countries are strong champions of free trade.

One of the most important tasks for the Embassy of Sweden in Canberra is to promote the commercial relations between Sweden and the Pacific Region. I am very committed to trade issues and have established a close collaboration with the Swedish-related business community in Asia - Pacific.

In order to get a better understanding of the business climate in Australia, as perceived by the Swedish-related business community, the Embassy of Sweden has conducted a survey with support from Business Sweden and the Swedish Australian Chamber of Commerce. This is of great importance in defining issues of priority and I am very grateful for the invaluable input from the business community.

Pär Ahlberger