Free Word 250


    Tryckfrihetsförordningen 1766 Photo: Okänd

The world’s first constitution protecting freedom of the press and access to information celebrates its 250 th birthday in 2016. It was adopted by Swedish parliament in 1766. At the time of its adoption it revolutionized society by ensuring the free flow of information, opinions and ideas without censorship. The debate and bold decisions stemming from 1766 have, to a large extent, shaped the way we think about transparency, accountability and openness today. 

Throughout this year, the Embassy of Sweden, in cooperation with the Embassy of Finland, will celebrate the values and principles of freedom of the press and access to information, basic tenets of democracy. We will do this by arranging a series of events and meetings to high-light and discuss issues relevant to freedom of the press, focusing on the values that underpin freedom of the press and access to information and why they are crucial in democracies and at times challenged. More information about the events and topics of interest will continuously be posted here.