You pay a fee for your work permit application. The money is not refunded if your application is rejected.

Fee for work permit application

Work permit application: SEK 2 000 

Application for your family

Adults: SEK 1 000 
Children under 18: SEK 500 


If you are applying online, you pay with a credit card or a bank card.

If you are applying on a paper form, you must pay the fee at UniCredit Tiriac bank before your visit to the embassy. Bring the reciept as a proof of the application fee being paid. For more information about the payment procedure and the price in local currency, please see more under the Embassy´s Fees

Special fees for certain occupations

For some occupations, special fees are required. These are: artists, au pairs, visiting researchers, athletes and coaches. They pay SEK 1 000

If the employer pays

If the employer wants to pay the application fee, and you have not applied online, the fee is to be paid as described above.