Swedish travel links

An introduction to some useful links when you want to visit Sweden

Sweden Information

Sweden.se                                                                                                                               The offical gateway to Sweden

Visit-Sweden.com                                                                                                       Sweden´s official homepage for travelling and tourist information

Turism.se                                                                                                                              Links to all tourist offices in Sweden

Getting around  

Train                                                                                                                          www.sj.se                                                                                                  www.tagkompaniet.se

Buss                                                                                                                  www.swebus.se

Airways                                                                                                                     www.sas.se                                                                                                              www.skyways.se                                                                                           www.malmoaviation.se                                                                                       www.gotlandsflyg.se


Official homepages of the three biggest cities in Sweden

Stockholm                                                                                                    www.stockholmtown.com                                                                                  www.destination-stockholm.se                                                                                            Public transportation in Stockholm - www.sl.se

Göteborg                                                                                                        www.goteborg.com
Public transportation in Göteborg - www.vasttrafik.se

Malmö                                                                                                     www.malmotown.com/sv                                                                                                    Public transportation in Malmö - www.skanetrafiken.se

Travel destinations and more

Kungsleden und mountain information                  www.svenskaturistforeningen.se/kungsleden.htm
Walking and skiing-trails of a total of 400 km between Abisko and Hemavan. Stay over night in one of the STF-cottages along the way.

The kingdom of Crystal in Småland                                                                www.glasriket.se
A piece of history since 1742 where you are able to see the shaping of glas.

The world of Astrid Lindgren www.alv.se                                                                                                                       www.turism.vimmerby.se
Visit all dear characters from Astrid Lindgrens many books.

Göta kanal                                                                                                     www.gotakanal.se
Här får du tips på allt du kan uppleva längs Göta kanal: kanalkryssningar, slussa med egen båt, cykla längs Göta kanal eller paddla kanot

The icehotel in Jukkasjärvi                                                                          www.icehotel.com

Kolmårdens djurpark                                                                               www.kolmarden.com
The Zoo with wild animals from around the world and a very popular dolphinshow. Great playgrounds and other activities for children.

The royalcourt and the royal palaces                                                          www.royalcourt.se

Music - koncerts and festivals                                                                            www.festivalinfo.se

Vansbrosimningen                                                                          www.vansbrosimningen.se

Vasa competition:

Stockolm Marathon:


Right of Public Access                                                                               www.allemansratten.se
The right of public acces gives us a unique opportunity to visit the nature

Weather                                                                                                                 www.smhi.se
Prognoses for entire Sweden along with information about the weather worldwide.