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George is 26 years old, living in Malmö but doing his Master in Wireless Communication at Lund University.    

Why did you decide to study in Sweden?

In my last year of bachelor studies I decided that it might be a great possibility for me to move and study is Sweden, one of the leading countries when it comes at study conditions. I want to stay in Sweden after I am done with my studies, so I took free Swedish courses in the evening, giving the possibility of a better integration in Sweden.

What was your first impression of Sweden?

My father was already working in Sweden before I moved here, so he told me a lot of god things. I was impressed by the way a lot of people use their bikes or the bus to get to school/job. A really nice thing in Sweden is that almost everyone can speak English, no matter if they are students or old people.

What do you think are the main differences between studying in Sweden and studying in Romania?

In my opinion, studies are focused a lot on theory in Romania, while is Sweden you have often the chance to do something practical, put your hands on. In Sweden you have access 24/7 at study rooms and well equipped labs. The academic year in Romania is divided into two semesters, autumn and spring, each semester have around 6 courses that you need to keep track of and prepare for exams period, which usually is one month length at the end of the semester. Although, in Sweden, the academic year is divided into four study periods, each period having around 2 courses, depending on the student’s choices. This structure makes things easier, having the possibility to focus better when you have fewer courses.

Can you recall any highlights from your time in Sweden?

Studying in Sweden gave me the opportunity to meet a lot of new people, from different countries and with different cultures. I have joined a student organization, Erasmus Student Network Lund, having the role of “webmaster”. This gave the chance to go for free for one week trip in Lapland, which was the best experience so far in Sweden.

What advice can you give to others who are thinking about studying in Sweden?

Do not hesitate, come to Sweden! It might be challenging at the beginning, is not easy to move in another country, far from your family and friends, but your efforts will be definitely rewarded. The prices are higher than in Romania and try to find accommodation as soon as possible, there are long waiting queues for student accommodation. Buy a bike, it will be your best friend, you will enjoy your bike ride every day.