Constantin - Economics

Constantin is 24 years old, currently living in Lund. He has previously studied Economics at Jönköping International Business School.

Why did you decide to study in Sweden?

I have decided to study in Sweden because I did not know much about the country. For me it was the "mystery factor", I have heard a lot about Sweden being a great country to live in, but was not sure how exactly the Swedes did it.

What was your first impression of Sweden?

What an organized country! Looks like everything having its place, everything working like a Swiss watch. On the other hand, I was confused why Swedes felt uncomfortable around me. Now I know- we had different ways to see personal space, for example I did not understand why they won't even say hi the next day after we had a nice time partying.

What do you think are the main differences between studying in Sweden and studying in Romania?

In Sweden you are required to be more independent, with an intrinsic motivation to study, while in Romania you are required to be at Uni between 9am-4pm, and if you miss a few classes you can get in trouble, you are forced to study.

Can you recall any highlights from your time in Sweden?

I have lived in Sweden for 5 years, so there are many great times. Main great points: I have learned Stoicism here, due to the long winters and depressing weather. On the other hand, I love Swedish summer and most important- I love the laid back attitude of people here, especially when the weather gets good again. It took me a while to make Swedish friends, but now I am super happy to have a handful true Swedish friends.

What advice can you give to others who are thinking about studying in Sweden? 

If you are looking for a place where you will have a lot of freedom to think your mind through, where the biggest pressure to study is mostly expected from yourself- this is the place for you. Beware of the lagom factor- standing out as "an excellent student, the best in class" is strongly discouraged here, unlike in Romania.