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Ana-Maria is 23 years old and moved to Sweden in 2016. She is studying her Master in Sustainable Urban Design at Lund University.

What inspired you to study in Sweden?

The reasons why I chose Sweden to continue my studies are plenty. First of all, the global level of competitiveness that universities here have. Second of all is the access to a bigger and wider network of professionals that come to lecture. Third of all is the fact that education is free so my parents would only have to support my day to day costs of living here that I have to say, but are pretty high compared to Romania. One last reason that I would like to mention is the fact that I knew that my CV, as well as, my life experience would be considerably improved by an international experience such as this.

What was your first impression of Sweden?

I arrived in Sweden at the end of summer so the weather was nice and my first impression of Sweden was that it is a lush and incredible place to live. I have to admit that during winter it is not as nice, but it is still worth it.

Did anything surprise you?

At first I was surprised by the Swedish lifestyle with fikas and bicycles everywhere and as time passed I was astonished by the standards of the educational system. Their professionalism is impressive, but at the same time the approach tends to be informal and that is something that we are not accustomed to in Romania.

Have you had time to explore other parts of the country?

Due to the nature of my studies, traveling is a second nature, but I did not explore that much of Sweden. I stayed mostly in the region, but I am looking forward to visiting Stockholm in the fall. The Oresund region, where I live, is formed from a part of Sweden, as well as, a part of Denmark so I got to experience the landscape and cities from both countries.

Do you have any advice for Romanian students who want to study in Sweden?

My advice for them would be to try and understand the Swedish way of living. Another thing would be to interact with people from all over the world, because it enlarges your life perspective in ways I could not imagine before.