Applying for a Swedish passport or national ID-card

To apply for a Swedish passport or National ID-card please note that you have to come in person to the Embassy since you will be photographed and finger prints as well as a digital signature will be taken. You also have to collect the passport in person, however, parents, one or both, can collect it for their children under 18 years.    

Before visiting the Embassy *******9to apply for a passport or national ID-card, the passport fee, currently 650 RON has to be paid into the Embassy´s bank account (see the shortcut "Consular fees").

When applying for a new passport or national identity card, you have to be able to show your identity. Bring your previous passport/ID-card and if these are not valid, you should present a valid ID,  such as a driver´s licence or Romanian ID-card. 

The form "Verification of Swedish citizenship" (you can find this to the right on this page) should be filled in. This can also be done at the Embassy.

If you were not born a Swedish national, you are requested to bring the Proof of Swedish citizenship from the Migration Agency. If this document is not available you should bring a "Personbevis med komplettering" (Except from the Swedish Population Register completed with the date of the citizenship). This can be ordered at, tel +46 8 564 851 60.

After about  2-4 weeks the new travel document/s can be picked up at the Embassy.

You can also collect the passport at one of the two Swedish honorary consulates, which are situated in Timisoara and in Cluj-Napoca. The following applies:

To be collected at a consulate, add 30 RON (Timisoara) and 50 RON (Cluj) for shipping cost to the passport fee.

For collecting it in Timisoara, you are kindly requested to add another 70 RON which is a "delivery fee", thus the fee will be 750 RON in total. For collecting in Cluj, this delivery fee is to be paid to the consulate in cash. 
For passports collected in Cluj-Napoca the delivery fee can be paid at the consulate.