The Embassy

  • Ambassador Annika Hahn-Englund

    Ambassador Annika Hahn-Englund Photo: MFA

H.E. Ms Annika Hahn Englund, Ambassador of Sweden to Belgium, is based in Stockholm and travels regularly to the country.

Office of the Stockholm-based Ambassadors:
Kansliet för Stockholmsbaserade sändebud, UD KSS
SE-103 39 Stockholm

For Consular services please contact:
The Consular Service Office in Brussels
3, rue du Luxembourg

Tel: +32 2 512 41 46
Fax: +32 2 512 65 46

Ordinary telephone hours:
Mon 9.30-12.00 hrs and Tue to Fri 14.00-16.00 hrs

Visiting hours:
Mon 14.00-16.00 hrs as well as Tue and Wed 10.00-12.00 hrs
(possibly also Fri 10.00-12.00 hrs if urgent)

In case of emergency outside office hours, the Emergency Call Center at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Stockholm can be reached on the following numbers;
+(32) 2 289 5650 or +46 8 405 5005.


The Consular Service Office Brussels can help you with the following matters:

• Provision of standard passports, national identity cards and driving licences issued by an authority in Sweden or a Swedish embassy
• Name registration and coordination number
• Life certificate for Swedish citizens
• Report to Sweden of Death certificate for Swedish citizens who have died in Belgium
• Other certificates (contact the consular service for more information)
• Application for citizenship for certain categories (contact the consular service for more information)  

The Consular Service Office Brussels cannot help you with the following matters:

• Applications for standard passports and national identity cards.
• Applications for visas or for work or residence permits
• Marriage
• Temporary alien’s passport
• Provision of residence permit cards

Visa and/or permit applications for going to Sweden are referred to;

Embassy of Sweden in the Hague

Embassy of Sweden in Paris

The Swedish Migration Agency