The Embassy

  • Ambassador Annika Hahn-Englund

    Ambassador Annika Hahn-Englund Photo: MFA

H.E. Ms Annika Hahn Englund, Ambassador of Sweden to Belgium, is based in Stockholm and travels regularly to the country.

Office of the Stockholm-based Ambassadors:
Kansliet för Stockholmsbaserade sändebud, UD KSS
SE-103 39 Stockholm

For Consular services please contact:
The Consular Service Office in Brussels
3, rue du Luxembourg

Tel: +32 2 512 41 46
Fax: +32 2 512 65 46

Ordinary telephone hours:
Mon 9.30-12.00 hrs and Tue to Fri 14.00-16.00 hrs

Please contact the Consular service office to make an appointment.

In case of emergency outside office hours, the Emergency Call Center at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Stockholm can be reached on the following numbers;
+(32) 2 289 5650 or +46 8 405 5005.

The Consular Service Office Brussels can help you with the following matters:

• Provision of standard passports, national identity cards and driving licences issued by an authority in Sweden or a Swedish embassy
• Name registration and coordination number
• Life certificate for Swedish citizens
• Report to Sweden of Death certificate for Swedish citizens who have died in Belgium
• Other certificates (contact the consular service for more information)
• Application for citizenship for certain categories (contact the consular service for more information)  

The Consular Service Office Brussels cannot help you with the following matters:

• Applications for standard passports and national identity cards.
• Applications for visas or for work or residence permits
• Marriage
• Temporary alien’s passport
• Provision of residence permit cards

Visa and/or permit applications for going to Sweden are referred to;

Embassy of Sweden in the Hague

Embassy of Sweden in Paris

The Swedish Migration Agency