”New Swedish Shorts” in Bern (5/9), Zurich (6/9), Luzern (7/9) and Schaan (8/9)

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    Cinema Photo: Sofia Sabel/imagebank.sweden.se

The program for this year’s short film nights is now confirmed.

Follow the swedes from the cradle... 'til they leave!

Through six new Swedish short films, both fiction and documentary, we go on a trip starting with the birth of a sailor in Gothenburg, moving on to a boy's dramatic razor blade revenge, continuing on to a wordless love poem between a young couple in Sápmi, next stop being a film audition where the director is trying unconventional methods to move forward and set the cast for her next film, to a midlife crisis when Mr. D is stuck in an inferno like hotel, finally jumping to a "fika" where four classy Östermalm ladies are zipping tea, discussing the smoothest way to check out from life.

For more information on the films please click on the link on the right hand side. For a short overview:

The films:

Nisse's Adventures on Land and at Sea (Nisses äventyr på land och till sjöss)
Mia Blomgren, Klara Swantesson (13 min, 2016. Animated Documentary)

Peter Pontikis (12 min, 2015. Live action Drama)

Edith & Aljosja
Ann Holmgren (9 min, 2015. Live action Drama. No dialogue)

Lovisa Sirén (19 min, 2015. Live action Drama)

Man Without Direction (Man utan riktning)
Nina Jemth, Johannes Stjärne Nilsson, Per Öhlund (15 min, 2015. Live action Drama/Comedy)

Afternoon Tea
Maria Fredriksson (13 min, 2015. Documentary)

The cinemas:

5 September: Cinématte, Bern (https://www.cinematte.ch/)
6 September: Riff Raff, Zurich (http://www.riffraff.ch/)
7 September: Bourbaki, Luzern (http://www.kinoluzern.ch/)
8 September: Filmclub im Takino, Schaan (http://www.filmclub.li/)

date to be announced: Le Spoutnik, Geneva (http://spoutnik.info/)