Christian Kjellvander in Winterthur (1/5), Baden (2/5) + Luzern (3/5)

  • Christian Kjellvander

    Christian Kjellvander Photo: Simon Fessler

“A Village Natural Light is an album about living, loving and dying. When I listen to these songs I think about how important it is to really live your life. You know the songs that make you dream about places far far away and how they give you that urge to get up and get out? Not this time…

These songs right here are about staying and riding it out. Create a life of your own, surround yourself with good people, don't let bastards get you down and make the most of what you got. Make sure to love. Look at your wife. Love her. Love her like crazy.” (Henry Toft, journalist).

2 May: HörBar/ Bloom in Winterthur
3 May: Kulturcafe in Baden
4 May: Jazzkantine in Luzern