The Embassy

  • Berne from above

    Berne from above Photo: Anna Ehgartner

Welcome to the Embassy of Sweden in Berne!

The diplomatic ties between Sweden and Switzerland go back all the way to the year 1814 and are based on a friendship largely founded on common beliefs, such as neutrality, freedom of alliance, democracy, human rights and sustainable development. A fact worth knowing is for instance that not only the to us so known Raoul Wallenberg saved many humans’ lives with his “Schutzpass”, but the same did the Swiss consul in Hungary at the time, Carl Lutz.

Apart from Switzerland, ambassador Magnus Hartog-Holm is also accredited to Liechtenstein. Swedish consulates are situated in Geneva, Lausanne, Lugano, Basel and Zurich, as well as in Schaan in Liechtenstein. The Embassy is located on the Bundesgasse, close to the parliament in Berne. Today the consulate and the embassy can be found in the same building but that has not always been so, until 1944 the consulate was accommodated in the residence and later on the Marienstrasse in Berne. The residence was acquired by the Kingdom of Sweden in the year 1930, but the building itself was erected during the preceding turn of the century by architect Henry B. von Fischer.

Today eleven persons work at the embassy, happily going about the general daily tasks of an embassy; consular services, passports, furtherance, strengthening the image of Sweden abroad through informing about Sweden, political reporting, etc.

Our projects with the purpose of furthering all things Swedish aim at strengthening the relationship between Sweden and Switzerland. They can take the form of cooperation with the creative industries such as events with local theatres or libraries to show Swedish films or hold readings of Swedish children’s books. In cooperation with Business Sweden we organize events to promote Swedish trade and innovation and to further investment to Switzerland, as for instance the yearly Scandinavian-Swiss Bio-Business Seminar.

Consular services include above all the issuing of passports but also the occasional help to a Swede in need. However one might also wish to reach us when in need of a marriage certificate.

On our homepage we inform about current issues and topics of interest. We provide useful consular information and reports composed by us on Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Very welcome to the Embassy of Sweden in Berne!


Our visiting hours are:
Monday – Friday 09.30-11.30, Wednesday also 14.00-16.00

Our telephone hours are:
Monday – Friday 08.45-12.15, 13.45-16.45

Please be aware that there are other telephone- and visiting hours for  Swedish passports .