Swedish design

Swedish design is well-known around the world, with furniture, glass and industrial design as its core.

The Stockholm Exhibition in 1930 was a breakthrough of functionalism and set a new path for Swedish designers; on the furniture side led by Bruno Mathsson and Carl Malmsten. Modern successors include Jonas Bohlin with his concrete chairs and John Kandell. Leading furniture designers of today are often found at IKEA, the global furniture store with quality-designed objects at affordable prices. IKEA furniture can be found on various locations all over Switzerland.

Swedish glass is famous for its high quality and beautiful design. The 1920's saw an international breakthrough for Swedish glass design with artists such as Simon Gate and Edward Hald. Modern day successors include Bertil Vallien, Ulrika Hydman-Vallien, Erik Höglund, Eva Englund and Monica Backström. The most prominent Swedish glass works are Orrefors and Kosta-Boda, but several artists work independently.

Industrial design is another Swedish speciality. Tetra Pak brought milk cartons to the world and Absolut went world wide with its characteristic vodka bottle, proving that form could speak louder than label. The Swedish car manufacturers Volvo and Saab also have a reputation for their well-designed vehicles, combining form with safety.

Sweden also has a reputation for high-quality products for the disabled. Ergonomi Design Gruppen has won several international prizes for their products ranging from cutlery for the disabled to ambulance stretchers.

Swedish Fashion is an increasingly important sector. The Swedish clothes retailer, H&M has many branches in Switzerland.

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