Maza Lazarevic - 9 December

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    Student's life in Lund, at Lund University Photo: Masa Lazarevic

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    Student's life in Lund, at Lund University Photo: Masa Lazarevic

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    Masa Lazarevic from Belgrade, a scholarship student in Sweden Photo: Masa Lazarevic

The pure student life of Lund. Differences and similarities between Sweden and Serbia.

What I have learned from Swedish students my intention is to introduce you to the concept of Swedish student organizations called “Nations” and the rich students’ life that they bring to my University in Sweden. But I cannot resist to make some connection to Serbian student way. I stay focused on how amazingly organized these students are but later, I realized there is something beside good organization.

In the past, students were coming to Lund University from different areas and they were giving the names of their hometowns to the student’s unions.  Now, there are 14 different nations at Lund University, which are named after different cities and landscapes. Among others you can find Malmö nation, Lund’s nation or Halland’s nation. The nations provide eating and partying at very low prices which no private pub or restaurant can beat. Different students volunteer each time and by cooking, serving or cleaning help different event happen. I was wondering how it works so I joined them and helped out a few times. The nation mostly does not earn money, it maybe stays on the zero (profit minus cost of ingredients).
So after cracking hundreds of eggs and cleaning the floor for a few times I got to ask my Swedish friend: “Hey, how come that you are at the 4th year and still that eager to work at the nation?”. She answered: “You know Masha, if we all contribute just a bit we will have a lot. If we do not, nobody will have it. That motivates me.” And then I could not help myself; I had to compare it with University of Belgrade. Student leaders are focused on organizing parties and excursions just in order to earn some small money for themselves. When other students find out that excursion could be 20 euros cheaper they get mad and loose trust in their students representatives. It seems that we are going against each other. That is the circle that we cannot get out of but we will eventually have to. In order to be able to change and improve more critical issues at our faculties (unprofessional staff, non-fair grading procedures) we have to be less short term oriented and to make our students lives more sustainable. 

I know that couple of hundreds in a pocket of one student means a lot but it is just a short-term resolution. If we continue not raising a voice to change what we do not like most of us will eventually end up “volunteering” six months for some company 8-17h. We better volunteer for our own good than for someone whose only intention is exploitation. OR this sentence? You help me to choose:) -In order not to volunteer tomorrow we change things now.

Dear fellows, think about this and please say no if something seems unfair at your University. You have got to change it.