Masa Lazarevic - 16 October

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    Here at St.Jakobs bakery you can find the best cinnamon buns in Lund, according to Masa. Photo: Masa Lazarevic

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    Cinnamon buns - a must at a swedish "Fika" break! Photo: Masa Lazarevic

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    Beautiful university building in Lund Photo: Masa Lazarevic

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    Masa Lazarevic from Belgrade, a scholarship student in Sweden Photo: Masa Lazarevic

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    300 SI scholarship holders from all over the world at a lecture at Lund University in Lund. Photo: Masa Lazarevic

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    Study in Sweden! Read more at Photo: SI

Read about Masa Lazarevic, a master’s student from Belgrade, who recieved a scholarship from the Swedish Institute to study at Lund University in Sweden. Here Masa writes about her experiences in Sweden and how it is to study at Lund University. 

“Hej Toni”, says Masa while passing her professor on her way to a fika break with friends from five different countriesto get the third kanelbulle of the day.

After finally learning which side of the pathway in Lund that is meant for bikes and which side that is meant for pedestrians, and how to separate seven different types of garbage, I have eventually found some time to write about my studies here in Sweden and about how I got here in the first place. 

I have a lot of reflections to share. But stories about how I caught myself going to the shop with the same plastic bag for the last three weeks or how I never have seen so many dads with strollers before in my entire life, will I put aside for the moment. Because more importantly now is the applications for studies in Sweden are opening soon!

After the first post many readers wrote to me asking what the application looks like. It may seem a bit confusing but I will try to clarify it for you. Firstly, I want to make sure that you understand that applying to a Masters program and for scholarships are two separate procedures in Sweden.

So, the first step is to choose a Master program that suits you and your interests regarding your educational background. Then, rank your choices according to your preferences. This process goes through the University Admissions’ website for all universities in Sweden. Please, make sure to send all documents before the closing date, it is quite common that the universities find the applications insufficient.

Second step is the application for scholarships, in case you need one of course. If you wish to apply for the Swedish Institute scholarship the programs that you were choosing in previous step have to be on their list of the offered master programs. Here is how the list  of academic 2013/2014 looked like. If you do not want to limit yourself to these programs and instead want to apply for other programs, be aware of that Non EU-citizens, since 2010, have to pay high tuition fees. Submission of your documentation is done online.  Another thing I would recommend you to do is to check other scholarships offered by different Universities that you can apply for as well. For example Lund University offers a scholarship called Lund Global Scholarship, which comes as a specific percentage of the tuition fees.

Now I am supposed to give you few tips on how to make your application outstanding, right? After getting the chance to meet other 300 SI scholarship holders coming from all over the world my only advice to you would be an old but substantial cliché: “Be yourself!”. And trust me, it works in Sweden. Tolerant and open minded Swedes would be happy to meet you – the way you are.

Now go back to the beginning of the text – the fact that I am addressing my Swedish professors with their first name, that I have three kanelbullar per day and fika break with friends from 5 different countries should be enough good motivation for you to consider Sweden as your study destination.

Visit for more information.

My next story about how sustainable students’ lifestyle will be published soon.  Talk soon!

/Masa Lazarevic

Every month we will be able to follow Masa and her time in Sweden through the Swedish Embassy in Belgrade's website.

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>  Lund University was recently ranked to 67th place in the 2013 QS World University Rankings: Lund University

> Swedish Institute and SI scholarships for East Europe for master’s level studies in Sweden: Swedish Institute

> Swedish universities climb in global ranking about five Swedish universities that are among the top 200 globally, according to the latest Times Higher Education ranking, including one that cracked the top 40 for the first time since 2011.