Marija Marinkovic - 2 January 2014

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    Marija Marinkovic - 2 January 2014 Photo: Private

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    Marija Marinkovic - 2 January 2014 Photo: Private

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    Marija Marinkovic - 2 January 2014 Photo: Private

What makes Swedish Institute scholarship stand out as the unique one? The answer is:  Swedish Institute Network for Future Global Leaders !

Dear all,

Here is my third blog for the readers interested in what it looks like to study in Sweden. Since we are in the middle of December, the first academic semester is slowly getting to its end, exams are over and the Christmas spirit has already arrived in glittering Swedish towns. Sitting inside cozy warm room in Malmö and listening to the melody of raindrops outside, I am writing this blog for you focusing on the Swedish Institute Scholarship itself and pointing out the fact which makes it so outstanding.

As I mentioned in my first blog, Swedish Institute Scholarship covers every single cost of a student: return travel ticket, tuition fees, monthly allowance, health insurance, etc. However, there is an important thing that makes this scholarship stand out of the crowd of others fully-paid scholarships- the possibility to become a member of Swedish Institute Network for Future Global Leaders.

Swedish Institute Network for Future Global Leaders is a growing network of ambitious, creative and highly educated people from all over the world, with a very special relationship to Sweden and connection to the Swedish Institute. Every student who gets Swedish Institute Scholarship immediately becomes a member of Swedish Institute Network for Future Global Leaders.  Being a member, all students are invited to participate in special events, seminars, and visits to companies and organizations in Sweden throughout the whole year. The students’ participation in these events is organized and fully-paid by Swedish Institute. Numerous events on various topics are held every month and they are extremely useful for us, the SI scholarship holders.

Now, I would like to share with you my experience of attending the Swedish Forum for Human Rights organized by Swedish Institute in Stockholm this November. The Swedish Forum for Human Rights is the biggest annual Scandinavian forum on the theme of HR, unfolding in the form of numerous seminars, workshops, exhibitions and discussions. I was one of the lucky Swedish Institute scholarship holders who attended it and enjoyed its interesting seminars and meetings with its lecturers.

I took an early flight to Stockholm on a foggy November morning with other students from Malmö and Lund. Having arrived in Stockholm after an hour, the Swedish Institute provided us with cozy rooms in a hotel at the centre of Stockholm, close to the building of Kulturhuset where the Forum took place. Interesting lectures and workshops lasted for three days. I received information and viewpoint from highly respected scholars, activists, NGO workers and even heroes of contemporary history.

Being a minor human rights activist in Serbia, these three days broaden my horizons and gave me the opportunity to think ( for months or maybe years) about many things that should be done, especially in Serbia. For instance, how to fight for human rights, how to protect our private lives from being infringed, how to engage technologies in Democratic processes and so on. Unfortunately, time flies and after three days we returned to our Swedish homes. The whole organization by the Swedish Institute was excellent and we felt very special and proud because we were the part of this great event.

To cap it all, this event was very useful for me because I obtained ideas I will use not only in my research at the Malmö University, but for my future career and life in my home country. Other events that SI Network for Future Global Leaders offers throughout the whole year are all useful as well, varying in their topics. I strongly believe that students can benefit from this network from the start of their studies and through their careers, as well. All future SI students will be eager to use these opportunities to travel, gain new experience and meet important people. In other words, this Network will be one of the greatest joys for future SI scholarship holders in Sweden, besides the studying at a Swedish University itself.

The application for the scholarship is now open. Grab the opportunity to experience studying in Sweden and being a member of the Network for Future Global Leaders and apply here. (Please, do not get confused, the scholarship changed its name to SI Scholarship for the Western Balkans from, previously known, SI Scholarships for East Europe) 

P.S. I am so happy that many students have contacted me so far via Facebook and e-mail searching for advice and more information. If you also want to contact me for more details about the studies or the application process, feel free to do it, my email is

Wishing you all happy holidays and good luck with the application,

/Marija Marinkovic