Trade between Sweden & China

China is currently Sweden's largest trading partner in Asia and trade with China has consistently increased the last couple of years, which can be attributed to China's accession to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in 2001. Apart from approximately 10,000 Swedish companies that trade with China, there are more than 500 Swedish companies established in China.

In 2013 Swedish exports to China amounted to a total value of 39.5 billion SEK, a year-on-year increase of 4.7 percent. Exports to China constitute 3.6 percent of all Swedish exports which makes China Sweden's tenth largest export market. The largest category of exports is machinery and equipment which accounted for 34 percent of Swedish exports to China in 2013, at a value of 13.3 billion SEK. Other goods such as medicinal and pharmaceutical products, vehicles, organic chemicals, paper, iron and steel also account for a large part of Swedish exports to China.

Swedish imports from China amounted to 53.4 billion SEK in 2013, a year-on-year decrease of 2.0 percent. This constitutes 5.1 percent of Sweden's total import which makes China Sweden's seventh largest import source. Sweden carries a trade deficit with China. Machinery and equipment is also an important import category at a value of 21.7 billion SEK, equivalent to 41 percent of the imports. Clothing is the second largest import category at a value of 8.6 billion SEK. Apart from these, manufactures of metals and furniture are large import categories.

The statistics above cannot be considered to be complete since many Swedish companies produce their goods in China or export via a third country.